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New England: The Perfect Place To Have A Dog

It is my humble opinion that New England is the perfect place to have a dog. The nature is endless. The scenery is ever-changing. The locals are dog-friendly, and increasingly, the businesses are too.

Whether you brave all types of weather or you’re more of a homebody who likes to hunker down, there are so many different types of dogs, there’s one for virtually any lifestyle. Our states are full of wooded trails, buzzing cities, and of course, sandy beaches to explore. Or maybe you prefer the country, where a companion can keep you company on a peaceful plot of land.

The cycle of four beautiful seasons allows dogs and their humans to enjoy new sights and activities year-round. In fact, during the long winter months, a dog gives you the perfect excuse to bundle up and venture into the frosty wonderland. And of course, when you’re snowed in, there’s no better feeling than sitting by the fire while sipping cocoa, snuggled up with your dog.

But if you’re anything like me, you can start to feel the winter dragging on in that monotonous stretch between Christmas and spring. The once-white snow disintegrates into muddy piles of slush and the temperature barely creeps above freezing. The skies are gray for days on end, and the damp cold sinks into your bones. But on those days, no matter how bleak they seem, Luna is my reason to get out of my house – and out of my head – and into the fresh air. She loves the snow, and gives me one less reason to dreadĀ yet anotherĀ snowstorm. (Yes, you should definitely get a dog.)

Mainers tend to be dog lovers, and more and more businesses are becoming dog-friendly. You can walk through the heart of our charming downtown areas, staring into storefronts and browsing where pups are welcome. And chances are, if the weather is good, you’ll find a quaint coffee shop patio where you can sip a cappuccino while sitting next to your companion.