About Luna

If I could describe Luna in three words, they’d be: loyal, anxious, and energetic.

Though calm and relaxed when she’s at home, she has a tendency to be a little – er – high-strung in unfamiliar situations. Whether we’re driving in the car or on a dog-friendly excursion, Luna lets her excited uncertainty known by emitting a constant stream of high-pitched whimpers, which we refer to as her “peeping.” Literally, she sounds just like a baby bird.

But her eagerness is palpable, and we continue to try, try again because the simplest little things make her happy. We’ve been working on her nervousness issues, particularly around strangers, which she’s had since she was a puppy.

Despite her initial hesitation, once she warms up to people, she clings like Velcro and whimpers at the door as soon as they leave.

Luna also loves other dogs, but sometimes she loves them a little too hard. She collapses into a play-bow with a smack on the floor, and has a tendency to instigate by swatting with her paws.

She doesn’t like hugs but tolerates them from me, because that’s what loyal dogs do. She rubs her head on furniture as if she was a cat, and she loves a good snuggle, sprawling and spooning you until you’re teetering on the edge of the bed.

She may be exuberant, but somehow, Luna has a calming affect on me.

We take her with us everywhere we can, because every outing feels like an adventure when you have a dog by your side!


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