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Celebrating Luna’s “21st” Birthday

I’m so fortunate to be able to work from home. I get to roll out of bed and start by work day in pajamas. I can take breaks whenever I need to. Best of all, I get to be with Luna all day long.

The downsides are that sometimes, it takes a lot of discipline to get all my work done. Sometimes I get cabin fever, and often, I go all day without talking to anyone but Rob… and Luna, of course!

This dog has saved my sanity more times and in more ways than I can count. She keeps me company during the work day, and just giving her a scratch or two can melt stress away. Plus, my ever-intuitive pup always knows when I need a nuzzle to cheer up.

Suffice it to say, Luna and I are a pretty tight pair. That’s why, when her birthday rolls around, we always make it a point to celebrate. I realized that this year was extra-special for my still-a-puppy pooch, because it’s her 3rd year on Earth, which means…

Luna just turned 21 in dog years!

Obviously, this was cause for a special kind of celebration. Your favorite dog only turns three / twenty-one once. This little party had to include a special frosty drink that she could safely sip, a Luna-sized cake, and of course, presents!

The first order of business was to make a simple, frozen “muttail” and serve it in a giant (plastic) margarita glass. I decided to blend watermelon chunks with ice to make a yummy slushie.

Yes, seedless watermelon is a safe snack for dogs, and can even help with their hydration. The only think to be cautious of is portion size, since it contains a lot of sugar. I made sure she didn’t drink the entire cup, and since she’s weirdly picky, I wasn’t sure if she’d have any at all. But Luna enjoyed a few licks, and was happy to share.

Is this true love or what?

Then of course, there was the matter of a cake. Being a dog and all, I knew Luna would enjoy some tasty protein more than a dessert. Since I recently learned that she loves salmon after sharing a few bites of my lunch, I decided to give her a portion all to herself. For the “frosting,” I melted cheese on top, and the decorative “icing” is made from sweet potato puree mixed with coconut milk.

Needless to say, she was happy to gobble up every last crumb of her special birthday meal. (These are the things you have time to do when you work from home, by the way.)

Then of course, there were presents. Luna got a big box of Whimzees, her favorite chew treat! We consider this her nightly “after dinner mint.”

And what 3rd / 21st birthday would be complete without a plush squeaky plush bottle of “Puptron Silver”?

Luna may not have realized it was her birthday, but she knew she was being a good girl for one reason or other! And I think it goes without saying, but she absolutely deserved it.

Look, I know I’m obsessed with my dog. But can you blame me?