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Luna’s Adoption Story

This is our three-year-old Shar-Pei / mystery mix named Luna. My husband Rob and I adopted her from a local humane society after we moved from our home in New England to the south for our jobs. We’d been talking about getting a puppy for awhile and knew it’d be fun, but little did we know how much she’d change our lives.

Living so far from home was really hard. Two cycles of holidays passed uneventfully and our living, financial, and job situations became more miserable. Things got pretty dismal, but Luna was the glue that held us together. Sometimes she was a naughty little nugget, but she made us smile on those days when there seemed to be no other reason to.

Even though we were struggling financially (certainly not the ideal time to adopt a puppy), Luna turned out to be the best investment we’d ever made. We managed to stay afloat because instead of spending money eating out or shopping, we made sure our puppy was cared for. In return, she provided endless comfort and companionship during those two lonely years.

 But in the midst of that all-time low, Luna became my inspiration to start writing again. Becoming a professional writer was a dream that I’d given up on after I’d lost my job at a local magazine back home. So I wrote a couple articles and begged an up-and-coming dog website to publish them. I was ecstatic when they finally agreed, figuring it’d be good exposure. Sure enough, a few weeks later, I was recruited by another pet company to write for their websites.

Last summer we moved back home to Maine, this time with Luna. As the seasons change, we’re able to enjoy them with newfound excitement, seen through the ever-optimistic eyes of our dog.

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